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Meet the Designer

Ellie Lee Fine Jewelry is a bespoke jewelry studio with a bohemian flair.
Ellie Lee’s designs embody simple elegance with an artistic twist, crafting pieces commemorating small wins to celebrations of life’s great occasions.

Ellie Lee, designer, metalsmith, and studio owner, creates pieces as unique as the wearer using techniques gleaned through more than a decade of experience and study. First introduced to jewelry as art while attending the Rhode Island School of Design, Ellie honed her goldsmithing and design skills while working at a custom jewelry store for more than a decade. She set out to create bridal rings inspired by the natural world that incorporate antique motifs and free-spirit style. Ellie’s collection and one-of-a-kind creations emulate each wearers’ individuality.

Ellie Lee pieces are wearable art inspired by the elegance of lush botanicals, the nature of Impressionist gardens, and the simplicity of warm summer days.

Ellie has successfully helped hundreds of clients highlight their unique beauty using custom adornments. She meticulously hand-crafts each piece that crosses her bench using ethically-sourced gems and a sketchbook of ideas. Ellie Lee envisions high-quality, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for the modern and bold among us.