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Golden Seed Packet Pendant- Birth Flower

$ 620.00 USD

Our miniature gold seed packets, captures the symbolic beauty of birth flowers, telling timeless stories from seed to flower.  Whether you opt for your loved one's birth flower or one that holds a special significance, these treasures symbolize not only growth and beauty but also deeply personal resonance. Just as seeds bloom into vibrant flowers, the meanings embedded within each birth flower flourish and resonate in our lives, enriching our journey with every petal. 

About this pendant: 

  • 14k Yellow (14k white gold available) Gold Charm Pendant 
  • Matte finished, polished flowers
  • Measurement:  15mm height, 11mm width
  • Each charm weighs 2 gram
  • Optional 1.5mm Solid Rolo Chain 14k gold, Spring Clasp


1. January Birth Flower - Carnation: Representing love, fascination, and distinction, the carnation embodies affection and admiration.

2. February Birth Flower - Violet: With its delicate petals, the violet symbolizes faithfulness, humility, and virtue.

3. March Birth Flower- Daffodil: As bright as the spring sun, the daffodil signifies rebirth, new beginnings, and happiness.

4. April Birth Flower - Daisy: Reflecting innocence, purity, and joy, the daisy heralds the arrival of spring and fresh starts.

5. May Birth Flower- Lily of the Valley: Fragrant and delicate, the lily of the valley represents sweetness, purity, and humility.

6. June Birth Flower- Rose: With its timeless beauty, the rose symbolizes love, passion, and admiration.

7. July Birth Flower - Water Lily: Floating gracefully, the water lily represents purity of heart, enlightenment, and renewal.

8. August Birth Flower - Poppy: Vibrant and resilient, the poppy symbolizes remembrance, consolation, and resilience in adversity.

9. September Birth Flower - Aster: With its star-shaped blooms, the aster symbolizes wisdom, faith, and affection.

10. October Birth Flower - Cosmos: Radiating beauty and order, the cosmos signifies harmony, peace, and balance.

11. November Birth Flower- Peony: Luxurious and opulent, the peony signifies prosperity, good fortune, and compassion.

12. December Birth Flower- Holly: Evergreen and resilient, the holly represents protection, hope, and goodwill.


Please allow 7-14 days for made to order.  Do you have a particular flower that holds significance for you? We can customize this piece!  Contact us 

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