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DFW Shoutout-Interview

Ellie was interviewed by Shoutout DFW.  She shared how she started the business and about her life as a designer. Read more about it here.  

As one of the original designers who saw a custom jewelry store grow into the largest one in the West coast, I collaborated with hundreds of customers on an individual level. More than any style recommendations, customers appreciated it the most when I listened to their personal story. Two stories are never the same from one person to another, so I baked-in their unique stories into the ring or necklace they would wear for the rest of their lives.

Most people don’t know what they want. From a design perspective, they choose the most vanilla option, among cookie-cutter designs. For those who would rather represent their individuality in an unique way, there had to be a better option. I also saw a trend that more customers demand something more than a generic diamond ring, and a highly personal process. Combining my passion for creating jewelry with vintage inspired flair and a botanical theme, I branched out to start my own custom jewelry brand to match these needs.


Ellie Lee Fine Jewelry- photos